Nessacus Success Tips!

Nessacus Success Tips!

In Class!

  • Take notes during class and while you read your textbook. This will help you engage with what you are learning. Writing things down can help you remember, too.
  • Show your teacher that you are listening. Make eye contact, nod your head. This helps  you stay engaged and lets your teacher know you are actively listening.
  • When working with partners or small groups, take turns talking. Show your partners that you are listening by making eye contact and giving them supportive feedback on what they are sharing. 


  • Use your Nessacus planner. This is a good strategy to practice and learn. Teachers write the homework assignments on the board in the classroom each day. Come into class and sit right down and write in your planner.
  • You can also grab a homework grid towards the end of the school day. The homework grid lists your homework for your 4 main subjects every day. Ask your teacher where it is located in the hallway near your classes.

Study Time!

  • Keep your quizzes. Correct the wrong answers so you can use them to study from.
  • Use your notes and your textbook to create a study guide. Divide information into easy-to-remember categories. Use index cards or notebook paper.
  • Don't wait until the night before a quiz or test to study. Study for short periods of time each night as soon as you learn of a quiz or test.
  • Review bold print, vocabulary words, and review questions in your text.
  • Stay after school for help with your teachers. If your teacher offers a review session, attend! Sometimes students worry about what people will think if they have to stay after school, but all types of learners stay after!

Take Care of Yourself!

  • Get a good night's sleep every night. Eat breakfast. It is easier to concentrate and remember what you are learning if you aren't tired and hungry.